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Frequently Asked Questions2022-12-12T18:01:35+00:00
Why do life coaches have life coaches?2022-10-24T18:00:05+00:00

YES! Once one experiences the amazing results of having the support of a life coach, it is clear that the value of an aligned coach is for everyone. There is no end to growth and learning in this life. The higher stakes we play, the more important it is to have a trusted advisor and alley at your side. It is human nature to get caught up in our own lives and this can skew perception and belief. A life coach is an amazing asset. Not only do I have “A” coach myself… I have multiple coaches that I rely on to keep me at the top of my game to serve my own clients in the best way possible.

Why do parents need coaching?2022-10-24T18:00:11+00:00

Raising children can expose us to self-learning and growth opportunities that we’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. As a parent and coach, I see the richness of learning opportunities daily. A coach who understands what it’s like to be a parent can help bring your awareness back to the joys and learning opportunities. A coach can help you shift your perspective and give you the tools to parent your children in a way that creates a beautiful and rich environment in the house.

Why do entrepreneurs need coaching?2022-10-24T18:00:20+00:00

We all know the fastest way to learn is to do, but expert guidance can accelerate that process. That’s where a business coach comes in. Being an entrepreneur and building a thriving business from scratch can consume one’s life. Working with a coach will help you clarify your vision and goals and help you strike balance in life to avoid burnout. A coach will work with you to keep you fully accountable for your goals. And most importantly, you will have unrelenting support which is something we cannot often count on from even closest friends and family when we are deep in the project that we’re most passionate about.

Is a professional life coach a mental health professional?2022-10-24T18:00:25+00:00

While therapists are trained mental health professionals who are in the regulated field of healthcare and require licensure, life coaches typically do not have formal mental health training and are not equipped to diagnose or treat mental health conditions.

Why do I need a business coach?2022-10-24T18:00:31+00:00

Business coaching is a subset of life coaching. When choosing a life coach with the intention of wanting help in business as part of your engagement, it’s important to choose a life coach who understands the business world through experience. Given my background as a Fortune-500 Sr. Exec and startup builder, I help many of my clients with their lives and their businesses. What’s good about having a trusted life and business coach is that this person can not only show you where you are limiting yourself, but also be your sounding board to provide you with honest feedback about all your ideas and business plans.

How to choose a coach?2022-10-24T18:00:37+00:00

Choosing a coach is a highly personal decision. It is important that you understand their style and method. Start to get a sense of what It will feel like to work with this coach. You want to be challenged but also feel comfortable and available to share in a transparent way. So there needs to be strong trust. If you don’t feel this, regardless of a coach’s “success” or a recommendation you received from a friend, then strongly consider someone else. A trusted relationship is the foundation. In my belief, a coach who is confident in their services will offer an initial free consult to start developing the relationship without any sort of financial obligation.

Do life coaches need a license?2022-10-24T18:00:42+00:00

A specific degree or education is not needed to become a life coach. That said, a background in business, education, health, wellness, or psychology may be helpful. The coaches I’ve worked with that have had the most profound effect on my life were able to offer me guidance based on their own unique and rich life experiences. They taught me what they could only learn through their own deep challenge and adversity in life. Based on my research, Tony Robbins has a high school diploma and no other coaching-related credentials to speak of.

Can a life coach help with depression?2022-10-24T18:00:46+00:00

Sometimes severe depression needs to be managed with medication. That is the role of a licensed clinical therapist. As it relates to the moderate depression and general numbness that many in this world suffer from, coaching can help a great deal. Depression is usually the symptom of a life that is misaligned. A coach will help you find deep clarity so that you can have the power to create a life that is fully aligned with the person you want to be. When I worked with a coach on my personal journey, I can tell you that my depression became less and less over time… and finally went away completely.

Can a life coach help with relationships?2022-10-24T18:00:51+00:00

In my own experiences of helping my clients and as a client of other coaches, I can say that my relationships have been impacted in a highly positive way. The more one knows themselves and their programming, the more they don’t feel the need to blame those around them and point the finger outward. Watch how relationships improve when we take FULL responsibility for our own experiences in life.

What is the role of a life coach?2022-10-24T18:00:56+00:00

A life coach is a type of wellness professional who helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment. Life coaches aid their clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives.

What is a life coach vs. a therapist?2022-10-24T18:01:01+00:00

Typically, life coaches identify and describe current behaviors that are holding one back so the client can work to modify them. There is a focus on goal achievement and the sessions are designed to move a client closer and closer to the defined goal. Therapists analyze their client’s past as a tool for understanding present behaviors.

Is a life coach worth it?2022-10-24T18:01:06+00:00

My personal experience is that working with a life coach has completely changed my life and given me a clarity that I never would have found alone. I had therapists, but there was always a missing “goal” component for me. I have been the client of many wonderful life coaches and I am always refining and being shown things by my coaches that I just can’t see by myself. Like a trusted compass as I navigate the seas.

Is life coaching covered by insurance?2022-10-24T18:01:11+00:00

Life coaching is typically not covered by insurance in the United States.

What to expect from a life coach?2022-10-24T18:01:16+00:00

With many life coaches, you can expect to discuss specific goals you have for the future. A life coach often provides support that is essential for gaining momentum toward your goals. A good coach can recognize when you get stuck, and help you regain motivation and momentum.

Is there a “spiritual” component to life coaching?2022-10-24T18:01:20+00:00

There’s a distinction I like to make with coaching. There is the X axis which can be labeled the soul axis, and the Y axis which can be labeled the “goal” axis. When I say soul, what I really mean is self-discovery. So I like to use a combination of helping my clients move their goals forward through deep self-understanding and development (soul) AS WELL AS helping them operationalize a path to the results they seek (goal).

What is a business coach?2022-10-24T18:01:24+00:00

Business coaching is a process in which a professional coach guides a businessperson in the pursuit of their work goals. A business coach might help their client build leadership skills, create business strategies, or improve their mindset. As I see it, your business is part of your life. Broader life coaching distinctions and methods are readily applied to all areas of life including one’s business.

What does a life coach do?2022-10-24T18:01:29+00:00

A life coach is someone who counsels and encourages clients through personal or career challenges. A life coach helps guide clients to reach their ultimate goals. A life coach can help individuals in different areas of life. Coaches help illuminate blind spots that are holding clients back and give them new tools to help them get back in the driver’s seat of their own life.

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