Psychedelic Integration Coaching
Do you have the support and tools to elevate your life at this critical time?

How will you make the most of your spiritual growth investment?

How will you make the most of your spiritual growth investment?

Translate the profound learnings from your ceremony experience into measurable and lasting change with psychedelic integration coaching.

  • Discover how to bring your newly found insights into the realm of life-changing behaviors and actions to facilitate continued expansion and growth.

  • Capitalize on this impressionable integration period by creating measurable and achievable goals aligned with your highest potential.

  • Realize heightened levels of transformation through deepened self-connection stemming from newly discovered awareness.

Psychedelic Integration Coach

I’ve spent years honing, developing, and teaching self-awareness tools. As a former Fortune 500 sales executive, my approach with my clients is one that is tied to action and measurable results.

I’m ALSO a firm believer in the power of intentional ceremony with expert facilitation using plant medicines. And while I don’t represent or make specific recommendations on these ceremonies, I do offer a 3-month integration program designed for those who have recently sat in ceremony and are ready for true life change and expansion.

Why is such a program important?



Well, as someone who has years of experience with sitting in various medicine ceremonies, I’ve always left with profound new realizations and ideas on how to shift my way of being in the world for greater higher-self alignment.

The challenge becomes that even with the best of intentions for change, many of get swept away with life soon after we return to our daily routine.

Without a psychedelic integration coach and a custom designed accountability program, the true potential for change and growth can be limited. AND, there is SO much potential.

Speaking from my personal experience, only when I aligned with an expert coach who deeply understood my journey and the role of plant medicines in it, was I able to truly make the most of the integration period following ceremony.

Plant Medicine Integration Coach

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Tell me about where you are in life, and I’ll suggest some tools to help you find new insights. It’s my purpose to serve others, so even if this meeting is our only interaction in life, I get the pleasure of meeting you and living my highest purpose.