Adam’s life purpose is to help people live inspired lives. Learn what others have to say about working with Adam.

My life has evolved

Before I started Inspired Self, I now understand I lived in a fear-based mindset. I felt trapped, but it turns out I had created my own jail cell in my mind. The door to self-acceptance was wide open, but the fear kept me hunched down in the corner of the cell.

Working with Adam, I was able to apply a deeper level of integration to create change within. An integration I have been craving in this life. You taught me about personal programming, you challenged my limiting beliefs, and you created friction in my mind to think in a new way. You have changed my life. Adam showed me how to own myself as Creator of my life. This guidance has shown me how to experience freedom in my mind, the way I move, and the way I react.

Adam is a master guide when it comes to unraveling the mind. His personal insights and the information you channel, make this transformational journey powerful. I am so thankful for this time we have shared. I am so thankful for the process.

My life has evolved. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 


I am uplifted as a person

“My time together in conversation with Adam has been nothing short of inspiring. I have a lot going on in my life, and I am now open to a new perspective based on new learnings, and heightened levels of awareness I did not believe were possible initially. Adam states that his life purpose is to “uplift” others around him. I can truly say that I am uplifted as a person, and my family and business have realized the massive benefit of my transformation. Thank you.”


I have a true partner in success

“My regular meetings with Adam for the past two years have given me a new level of understanding and awareness. Adam has worked with me to greatly deepen my understanding of how I am showing up in relationships and conflict. He has helped me identify and dismantle the programming – or blocks – hindering me from achieving my highest potential in my business and home life. The work we have done together has been exceptional. It has flowed naturally into other areas of my personal life with a positive impact. I continue to experience the amazing benefits daily. With Adam, I feel like I have a true partner in the growth and success of all areas of my life.”


An Amazing Gift

“Adam has been a phenomenal resource. He has championed my dreams and helped me to become a better man, husband, father, and leader in my business. During some of my lowest moments, Adam helped me get clear on my true intentions, exposed what was holding me back, and focused on helping me deconstruct the false beliefs that were limiting me. Even when life gets challenging, I know Adam will stand in my corner and support me on my journey to being my best self and showing up at the highest level for my family, friends, and colleagues. It’s been an amazing gift to have someone so invested in my success.”



Taken me to the next level

“My work with Adam has felt very serendipitous. I’ve explored a lot of self-work in the past, but Adam has taken me to the next level and unlocked a new, better mindset and awareness. While navigating a lot of life – new marriage, frustrating job, a baby on the way – Adam never skipped a beat around providing valuable and actionable insight. I’ve never met someone that was always so positive AND helpful, regardless of what I was going through at any given moment. I cherish our work together, our friendship, and I look forward to continuing my work with Adam.”